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  About Magnewin

Magnewin Energy Private Limited is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified and a Custom-built Capacitor manufacturing Company professionally organized & managed with long standing experience, profoundly interested in Enhancing Power and possesses an exceptional track record since its inception.
It was started with a humble beginning in the year 1994 at Sangli (Maharashtra) and reached the status of a leading manufacturer of capacitors for variety of applications in power system utilities, industries and research activities.
Over the years 'Magnewin' has developed its own manufacturing processes using high quality imported raw materials, tests being carried out rigorously abiding by the National & International Standards, gives top priority for quality maintenance of its products & has been regularly exporting capacitors to more than 15 countries.
It has developed special capacitors with indigenous technology and enjoys the position of a manufacturing company in our country preferred by the Govt. of India for critical applications (un-disclosable to public) in Defense & Research establishments (BARC, DRDO, I PR etc.).
It retains its position as one of the leading manufacturers of shunt capacitors for power frequency applications in - LV / MV/ HV systems both fixed and automatic switched types, for SVC's and shunt passive detuned /tuned filters.
`Magnewin'also has been catering to the needs of specially designed water cooled capacitors for industries such as induction heating, melting and hardening applications; custom - built for energy storage, pulse discharge, thumping, medical equipment, impulse generators & voltage dividers and so on.
In recent years most industries have been facing serious power quality issues due to harmonics generated by nonlinear loads and we have the technical knowhow with our qualified & experienced team of engineers to offer technically sound and economical solutions.

'Magnewin' is a unique enterprise that can address the critical needs of industries and utilities having sophisticated controllers and facing power quality related problems; have been developing capacitors to meet the stringent requirements under adverse conditions of operation and offering solutions for energy conservation.

The capacitors being manufactured by "Magnewin" differ from most other manufacturers in many respects and are characterized by the following attractive features :

  1. Raw materials are of world class imported from reputed manufacturers, winding machines are automated for producing elements in a totally dustfree atmosphere under the state of art infrastructure - vacuum dried & oil impregnated.
  2. Losses are as low as 0.3 watt/ kVAr for LV Capacitors & < 0.08 watt/ kVAr for MV/HT capacitors, volume optimized, robust construction, troublefree performance with assured long service life and both types are environmental friendly.
  3. Very low values for both Equivalent Series Inductance (ESL) & Resistance (ESR), suitable forfrequent switching operations, high withstand capability for large inrush & outflow currents, free from ageing effects and no reduction in output.
  4. Every capacitor unit manufactured undergoes rigorous testing under accurately monitored conditions stipulated in national and international standards to ensure the withstand capacity for over voltage, over current and so on. Randomly selected capacitors are subjected toType tests in accordance with the relevant standards.
  5. We also get the capacitors tested periodically at the independent NABL approved test labs in order to ensure their quality.
Magnewin Energy Private Limted
Our Milestone
1994 - Low voltage film + foil (APP) Capacitors up to 1000 volts.
1995 - Medium Voltage Shunt Capacitors up to 11 kV Network.
1996 - High Voltage Shunt Capacitors up to 33 kV Network.
1998 - High Voltage Shunt Capacitors up to 145 kV Network.
2000 - Special application Capacitors.
2003 - Energy Storage Capacitors
2004 - Medium & High frequency Water Cooled Capacitors
2007 - Low Inductance Energy Storage Capacitors
2009 - 800 KVp Voltage Divider
2010 - 20 KJ Single case Energy Storage Capacitors
2011 - 7200 kvar, 3 kv water Cooled Capacitors.
2012 - Commissioning of state-of-the-art manufacturing and testing Facility.
2012 - Low inducatance insulated case Energy Storage Capacitors
2013 - 100 kv Energy Storage Capacitors
2014 - Shunt Passive Filters for Harmonics Mitigation
2015 - Medium Voltage Automatic Switched Capacitor Banks.
Our Milestone
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