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Surge Capacitors ( Medium and High Voltage )

We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Surge Capacitors ( Medium and High Volatge ) and our setup is situated in Sangli, Maharashtra, India.

For Suppression of Voltage Surges& Switching Transients

Steep fronted waves (lightning or switching) on transmission as well as distribution networks, can cause inter turn insulation failure of rotary machines and transformers. Surge Capacitors provide surge protection to high voltage motors, transformers and generators by limiting the voltage rise. Hence Surge Capacitors are used as protective devices for protection of power system equipments. Surge Capacitors are designed taking into consideration its application to operate under severe stringent power system conditions. Connecting surge Capacitors between line and ground at the motor / transformer / generator terminals in shunt, prevent the equipments from damage due to voltage surges. For a more comprehensive protection scheme, Surge Capacitors may be used in conjunction with surge arrester. This surge pack modifies both the wave shape and magnitude.

Lightning arrester takes no current from the line during normal operation. When a surge occurs, the arrester turns on to provide a discharge path. When the surge disappears, the arrester turns off. The main advantage of a Capacitor is that there is no time delay in turning on as it
always conducts. The disadvantage is that the amount of current it can handle is limited to a
few amps, depending on the Surge Voltage. For this reason, an arrester should always be
installed with a Capacitor to protect Capacitor from intense surges.

These Capacitors are virtually maintenance free, needing only occasional cleaning of bushings and painted surface and ensuring adequate tightening of electrical connections. Temperature rise of surge Capacitor is to be monitored continuously. Surge Capacitors are never protected with any type of fuse or any protection as itself is a protective device.

Surge Capacitors ( Medium and High Voltage)
Standard Preferred Ratings
Standard Preferred Ratings
• Low losses < 0.8 watts per kVAr
• World Class Raw Materials
• Manufactured in state of art infrastructure
• Volume Optimized and highly Reliable
• Trouble free Long life performance
• Low noise level
• Environmentally friendly.
Single Phase Capacitors units
• 0.125 to 0.5 uF
• Up to 40 kV
• 50 Hz or 60 Hz
• Indoor or outdoor use.

Applicable Standards

Temperature range
Capacitors are designed for working temperature between -10°C to +55°C

Surge Capacitors may be mounted vertically or horizontally as required by the customer.
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